Friday, January 20, 2012

Coupon Information Corporation or the CIC

This organization is your friend =) Here is what they say .... quoted directly from their website

"The CIC was founded to encourage integrity in connection with the redemption of manufacturers' coupons and participation in other promotional programs.
The Coupon Information Corporation encourages and supports federal, state, and local law enforcement efforts to identify, investigate, and prosecute coupon misredemption.
Law enforcement officials wanting more information should call the Coupon Information Center at (703) 684-5307."

Why should you care? Simply this...manufacturers are generous in giving us those enchanted little things called coupons. Say Joe Smoe decides to print his own and distribute them around the internet....and stores or uninformed cashiers take them...that manufacturer could potentially lose intense amounts of money they didn't intend to lose which can knock their financial balance off the scales....this can result in cutbacks, layoffs and even closure on a small to grand scale. I for one want the manufacturers to continue giving me their coupons and I'd like to see the values be reasonable and not say 25¢ off a $5.00 product!!

On their website is a list of fraudulent coupons currently circulating...if you are in doubt about anything you print or receive that has been printed, you can cross reference it here, or even go as far as to call the CIC and see if they have any information on the coupon in question!

Of late, the Coca-Cola Zero 99¢ was accused of being fake, well, it isn't fake, it's just weird because they chose an odd amount is all...but that is one I would have questioned had I not printed it off their Facebook page myself =)

♥ Manda

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